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Cash on Time- GMT’s Local Money Transfers Service

A fast, easy & legal service to receive payment in cash from your customers.

The New Cash Limitation Law came in to effect on January 1st, 2019.

Following the new law receiving payment in cash amounting in more than 11,000 NIS and above will result in a criminal offense.

This means many business, freelancers & corporates won’t be able, under the low’s restrictions, to accept payment in cash.

If you are a business owner GMT’s Cash on Time is exactly what you need.

With this unique service, you can receive cash payment by simply referring your clients a GMT location.

It’s really simple and you can choose if you want to receive the funds directly to your bank account or to pick up cash at the nearest GMT location.

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GMT in the field

As a company that provides financial services to all sectors in Israel, we always seek to expand and offer solutions to all the different shares of the market.
For years, remittances could only be performed by physically attending one of our agents’ businesses. However, we understand that this is not as easy as it seems for some of our clients, and so, we decided that we will take our business to them.
The agricultural sector in Israel is one of the largest employers of foreign workers.
Most of them live in small towns and kibbutzim near their workplace, and they are not always able to get to the city to transfer the money to their families abroad.
To address this issue, we’ve created “GMT in the field”. It’s a branch of ours that comes directly to the farms and saves time and money for both the workers and the farmer that employs them.

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Foreign exchange service to Ben Gurion Airport

A new, efficient and economical solution for Israeli travelers flying to “exotic” countries around the world.
Together with Bank Hapoalim branches at Ben-Gurion International Airport, we operate a service that enables passengers to order in advance the local currency of the country they are traveling to.
As a GMT customer, you can enjoy competitive exchange rates, reserve the currency in advance and collect it just before boarding. The solution is available for the local currency of 32 countries, among them; Japan, China, Hungary, Thailand, Russia, the CIS and many others.
All you have to do is book a flight ticket and Bon Voyage!

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019Mobile is an Israeli Mobile operator that providers international communication services.
In 2010, the Telzar company received a permit from The Ministry of Communications to act as an international calls operator.
019 was the international calling prefix that the company received, and appropriately, it has since been renamed to 019Mobile.
The company was founded by three brothers who recognized the need for pre-paid call cards for the foreign workers who worked at their parents’ farm. The same three brothers manage the company to this day.
To date, the company provides service to over 200,000 users.
In 2017, the company began selling local SIM cards for tourists and foreign workers arriving in Israel, as well as SIM cards for Israelis who are traveling abroad.

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Bits of gold

Bits Of Gold

Who is Bist of Gold?

Bist of Gold is a private company engaged in electronic currency trading and offers the Israeli public a platform to buy and sell Bitcoin and Ethereum paying in NIS, Dollars, and Euros through bank transfer, cash and a credit card.
In addition , the company operates a brokerage system for large-scale OTC transactions, which includes cooperation with private investors and investment houses. At the same time, it develops financial products for businesses such as SaaS systems for clearing and making payments in Bitcoin.
The company has a pool of more than 50,000 registered customers, which is continually growing (an increase of 250% in 2017 alone). Clients include private investors, high-tech companies, financial companies, investment houses, hedge funds, non-profit organizations and more.
Since its establishment in 2013, the company has been in strategic cooperation with GMT, enabling the purchase and sale of digital currencies in exchange for cash at hundreds of GMT branches spread throughout the country.
We have partnered with Bits of Gold specifically to enable our customers who purchase and trade in virtual currencies a cash payment option.


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Hilit Insurance

GMT just got a brand new and unique service – payment for medical insurance of foreign workers.

This service is the product of a cooperative effort between Hilit Insurance and GMT, which allows clients to pay in cash for their medical insurance through agents of GMT.

Hilit Insurance Agency (2003) Ltd has been a leader in the field of medical insurance for foreign populations since 1998.

The insurance agency specializes in providing insurance to foreign workers, and works cooperatively with all insurance companies that operate in this sector.

Constant improvement, ease-of-use, and accessible and user-friendly technological services are the company’s key principles.

The partnership between GMT and Hilit Insurance is another step in completing the complementary set of services we offer our clients.

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