Intel Express

Intel Express

Intel Express is an international remittance company that works in cooperation with the national banks of Georgia, Greece, UK, Italy, Ukraine, and Armenia.
This cooperative effort with Intel Express was born out of a mutual interest of providing quick and efficient cash transfer services at fair prices between Israel and Georgia. Since then, the company grew and provides remittance services to and from other countries as well. The company provides money transfer services to over 90 countries worldwide, at over 57,000 service points.
In Georgia, Italy, Greece, and the UK, Intel Express had developed technologies that allow them to perform money transfers to just about any continent, thanks to partnerships with the leading financial institutions of these countries.

As an international company, Intel Express cooperates with some of the leading banks and financial institutions of the above-listed countries:

Liberty Bank
Bank of Georgia
Cebuana Lhuillier & M Lhuillier

The vast expanse of Intel Express’ partnerships allows their clients to receive and send funds at affordable prices, easily, and from many accessible locations.

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