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Receiving Money From Abroad

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Receiving Money From Abroad

We now offer a fast and efficient service that allows you to receive money from overseas directly into your bank account without leaving home.
You can do this with our customer service >>> For further details

GMT offers you incoming money transfer service directly to your bank account in Israel. Easily, efficiently and without leaving home.
The incoming money transfer service is provided through our international business partners:
Golden Crown
Intel Express

How it works:
To receive a transfer sent to you from overseas, you will get a code from the overseas sender and the system name with which the money was sent. For example: MoneyGram.
You will need to provide the code and system name to our customer service and request the receipt of the money directly into your bank account.
Our customer service will offer you the conversion rate and finalize the Shekel credit amount with you and then transfer the money into your Israeli bank account.

You can contact customer service by Whatsapp at 054-7228005, specifying the transfer details + Teudat Zehut/Passport Number + account details – and your bank account will be credited within 2 business days.

For more ways to contact us, visit our customer service

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