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GMT’s Prepaid Card

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GMT’s Prepaid Card

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Introducing the card that will help you control expenses conveniently and Securly!

More convenient and safter than cash

Our card enables you to make purchases at businesses in Israel and abroad, and pay bills, such as municipal property tax (Arnona), water, and electricity.
Use your myGMT prepaid card with Google Pay.
If you need cash, you can use the card to withdraw money from any ATM in Israel or abroad.

Who is the card suitable for?

  • Everyone! Even someone who has no bank account.
  • People traveling abroad – for safe management of your budget.
  • Making financially sound purchases in Israel, abroad and online.
  • Direct payment in Dollars and Euros at businesses abroad or online, without expensive conversions by the credit card companies.
  • For efficient and correct conduct as a substitute for cash.
  • For salary payment to foreign workers.

Top-up your card and buy

The card comes with a choice of three currencies: Shekel, Dollar, or Euro. The card can be topped-up with the desired currency, and you will immediately be able to make purchases in Israel, abroad, and online!

The card can be topped-up in the following ways:

All three types of cards (Shekel, Dollar, and Euro) can be topped-up in cash or by credit card at any GMT location nationwide.
The shekel card can also be topped-up online on the myGMT website:

  1. Send a direct bank transfer to your myGMT wallet: Bank Hapoalim 12, Branch 613, Account no. 545690
  2. Use your credit card to credit your myGMT wallet.

* Our digital wallet enables you to load shekels into it and transfer the funds to your card whenever you choose, thereby controlling your money and preventing unnecessary expenses.

Everything is online

On the myGMT website, you can do the following:

  1. Check your balance
  2. View your transaction history
  3. Retrieve your pin number
  4. Send international money transfers
  5. Block a lost or stolen card
    *In the event that the card has been lost or stolen, it can be blocked, and a substitute card obtained.


A commissions list that is transparent to everyone

We like to provide all of the information in advance, without surprises, so we have compiled the information about commissions for the card on this page> Commissions List for a GMT Card
You canorder the card at any GMT location nationwide, and immediately begin enjoying a new world of possibilities
*It is best to sort the list of the relevant GMT locations by selecting a city and marking “prepaid card”.


Do you have a question about our card?
 The answer may already be here.

* Subject to approval from Max and to the Terms and Conditions for joining and using the card.E&OE.

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