Who is MoneyGram?
MoneyGram, our most prominent partner, is one of the vast and most profitable companies in the world.
An American company with over 350,000 agents worldwide, through which you can send and receive money in more than 200 countries. The money transfer between the sender and the recipient takes about ten minutes.

The process
There are two ways to use the service:

Going to a GMT branch
Here’s how simple it is: getting to the branch – smiling at the clerk and updating the amount and destination of the transfer – identification according to procedures – payment – signing the transfer form – receiving a text message with a code.
Once you pass the code to the money recipient who accesses one of the MG points around the world, and after the code is displayed and the identification process is done, the recipient receives the money. The entire process can take about 15 minutes, 16.5 minutes tops.

Using myGMT online service
After completing the registration, including entering personal information, uploading 2 ID cards and confirming registration and details, you will choose the form of payment:
1. Paying with a Credit Card – paying directly online, without leaving home.
2. Cash payment at a GMT location – you can set up the details of the transfer online, arrive (within 48 hours) to a GMT location with a reference number complete the payment while saving time.

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