CONTACT was founded in 1999 and is a daughter company of QIWI Bank that specializes in remittances. It was one of the first companies in Russia non-banking financial services. In less than two decades, CONTACT became one of the largest companies in the field.

CONTACT has a network of over 900 business partners worldwide, and roughly 400,000 services stations in over 170 countries. These allow CONTACT to offer its clients a quick and efficient remittance system, which allows transferring money from one point in the world to another in just a few minutes.

Among CONTACT’s list of partners, you can find some of the CIS leading financial companies:

Moldindcon Bank
Victoria bank
Posta Moldovei
BIN Bank

CONTACT’s infrastructure allows private and corporate entities alike to perform international money transfers without a bank account.

CONTACT was one of GMT’s first business partners and has been accompanying GMT for over 15 years with their excellent service – demonstrating the effective financial cooperation between Israel and the countries of the former Soviet Union.

Clients of both CONTACT and GMT can send and receive funds in any of GMT’s 250 nationwide branches.

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