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Contact is the first Russian money transfer and payment system, founded in 1999. Today the system has more than 500,000 service points in Russia, near and far abroad.

How to receive a transfer via Contact?

In order to receive a transfer via Contact, the recipient must present his/her passport or other identification document at a Contact transfer point.

Advantages of the Contact transfer system

  • Wide network of service points: more than 500 000 service points in Russia, CIS and non-CIS countries.
  • Convenient ways of sending and receiving transfers: transfers can be sent and received at a service point or online.
  • Competitive tariffs: Contact offers favourable tariffs for money transfers.

The Contact money transfer system is a convenient and reliable way to send and receive money transfers. The system has a wide network of service points, convenient ways of sending and receiving transfers, as well as favourable tariffs.

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