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To make money transfer, you must obtain at least one ID containing: photo, identity number, and address (Passport and HMO card and/or work permit). Sometimes, another ID is required, so to avoid any inconvenience, bring another ID with you.
If you wish to make a cash transfer abroad, it is essential to know the beneficiary’s name overseas precisely as in their passport.
If you are interested in making a transfer to a bank account abroad, it is essential to verify the details of the full account abroad, including the name of the bank account, the name of the bank, the bank’s SWIFT code, the entire bank address and of course the account number. In addition, it is essential to bring documents that verify the bank account abroad.

Money transfers sent outside of Israel can be received at any of the GMT branches or directly to your bank account.
For a list of Israel Money Transfer branches
It’s important to remember! Make sure that the money has been transferred to you through one of our partner companies:
Golden Crown
Rico Express
When receiving money from abroad in Israel, you must identify yourself using a photo ID, identity number and full address (Passport and/or Israeli driver’s license).
You must also provide the secret code of the transfer you received from the sender abroad.

At each of the companies’ sites. Of course, we’ve put the links for your convenience:
MoneyGram – Contact – GoldenCrown – IntelExpress – Rico Express – WelSend – TransFast
Also, our customer service will be happy to send you the list to your Email / WhatsApp / Facebook Messenger.

Transfers to collect cash abroad or in Israel can be canceled as long as the beneficiary did not collect the money.
Transfers to credit a bank account abroad or in Israel can be canceled until the bank approves the transaction. After that, the money is deposited into the account by the SWIFT system and the transaction cannot be canceled.

Of course! GMT is Israel’s largest private money transfer company. Your money is safe at any given moment. We’ll make sure your funds are delivered to your destination, or you will get your money back.

Cash transfers can be collected abroad after a few minutes or after several hours, depending on the overseas supplier.

You can make a deposit to an account abroad or in Israel. Please provide the beneficiary’s full bank details.

We’re glad you asked. GMT is the largest private company in Israel for the provision of money transfer services. We specialize in money transfers, and therefore we provide the best service for you in the most professional way. We offer the fairest commission calculation of the market, and our foreign currency conversion rates are better exchange rates than any bank or post office.

Of course. A transfer can be sent to cash collection within minutes between all the GMT agents from Eilat to Kiryat Shmona, from Acre to Be’er Sheva. In a nutshell, wherever you desire. In addition, a NIS deposit can be made to any bank account in Israel.

First, as the leading Israeli financial services company, we are committed to providing you with fast, safe and advanced service.
Second, we have one primary task: to provide you with the best service in the field of money transfers. While Israel Post provides the service as part of a wide range of services that you do not necessarily need, we are focused on the goal.
We work with the leading international companies in the field, allowing us to give you a competitive price. We have a nationwide distribution of over 250 branches and our customer service and agents working hours are spread throughout the day for your convenience with short waiting times and excellent foreign exchange rates. Moreover, our customer service is professional, efficient and available to you by phone, WhatsApp, Online chat, Facebook, and email, so you can always reach us.

To keep your money safe and prevent frauds, check if you are sending money to:
Someone who is unknown or whose identity you cannot verify.
A person you met online or on a dating site, for financial assistance such as airline ticket, bills for medical care, assistance to a relative, repayment of a check, investment in a business opportunity, etc.
To collect a winning prize or lottery, to receive inheritance money, to receive a recharged credit card or to obtain a loan proposal, repayment of bank fees or attractive investments.
In response to an offer on the web, a letter or phone call where you were asked to send money for a “job offer,” work as a “hidden client” or “charity.”
For a person in your country or abroad, who claims to be your relative who needs cash due to “case emergency.”
To purchase goods/services via the Internet or otherwise.
In response to an offer that sounds cheap compared to the market price or a proposal that seems “too good to be true” and you cannot independently verify the caller’s identity and the correctness of the claims.

Make sure that the person to whom you are sending the money is familiar to you and that you have all his identifying information. If you are unsure of the beneficiary’s identity – DO NOT send the money.
It is imperative to remember that GMT and its agents cannot bear any liability for providing the service and performing the transfer of funds made at your request and therefore should be exercised with extreme caution.
** To continue reading about fraud and how to avoid it, you are welcome to log in to our blog.

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