As it turns out, you can choose your family...

We invite you to join the GMT family as agents and be part of something great.
Our mission, as the leading Israeli provider of financial services is to provide you with a fast, secure and advanced service.

Our customer service is here for you

GMT is the only money transfer company in Israel that operates a telephone service center throughout the day and in several languages: Hebrew, Russian and English. In addition, we have Thai speaking representatives and Sinhalese (it is not a mistake, this is the official language in Sri Lanka).
Our professional service team understands your needs and your customers’ needs our team knows how to help you quickly and with courtesy. We are available to you by phone, WhatsApp, online chat, Facebook, and email.

GMT Online - One system in your language

  • We are the only company in Israel that provides you with one system, in Hebrew.
  • Our system is easy to operate, tailored to your needs and speaks in your language.
  • The system enables you to manage everything comfortably and easily: the funds, commissions, customers and issuing reports.
  • The system enables you to manage everything comfortably and easily: the funds, commissions, customers and issuing reports.
  • We have our own development department, which works to renew, improve and adapt the system for you and help you, and us, to leave the competitors behind.

An advertising opportunity that works just for you

We at GMT offer you many benefits such as a variety of customized signage products for your business, marketing advice and participation in local advertising.

Our marketing department works closely with the leading advertising agencies in Israel and markets throughout the year in the various media: newspapers, radio, television and digital media: Google, Facebook, Instagram and more.

Our site is written in four languages; Hebrew, Russian, English, and Arabic with a detailed list of all our agents.

Regulation concerns?
Join us and keep calm

Our system and work procedures are approved by the Ministry of Finance and the Israel Money Laundering Prohibition Authority. Our work procedures are meticulous and meet strict international standards.

We also:

  • Back Up all your actions.
  • Compare customer names to “blacklists.”
  • Supervise unusual activity.
  • Receive legal advice from the best experts in Israel and update the system and work procedures to best suit Israeli and international regulations.
  • Hold annual professional conferences with the participation of lecturers on behalf of the state institutions and make sure that you and your employees are updated on everything that is happening in the industry.

The bottom line? We got your back!

It's gold Jerry, gold!

GMT provides a clear and unified credit framework for each agent, with prior coordination. We use a courier service to make deposits in the central region and to our distant agents. We allow deposits to a bank account, without commission, or collection by the best courier companies in Israel.
We leave all foreign exchange earnings at your disposal and deposit you monthly commissions at the beginning of each month. Our fees? The best and fairest in the market that can be seen merely in the computerized system.

GMT & MoneyGram

GMT is the main agent of MoneyGram in Israel, a leading and respected international brand for money transfers. We work closely with MoneyGram to bring new services and attractive prices. There is more. We work with many other companies and send money to any destination in the world for cash collection or deposit to an overseas account.

Hold on; we're not done...

Money transfer services are a small part of the advanced financial services that are a source of profit for you, and a means to increase your clientele.
Need some samples? You don’t have to ask twice:

  • Services for the purchase and sale of digital currencies such as Bitcoin and Ethereum using the Blockchain systems.
  • Mobile services of 019 Mobile.
  • Prepaid credit card sales.
  • Purchase of particular foreign currency for customers flying abroad.
  • And more.

We always believe in striving to grow and develop and therefore continue to invest in the business and strategic partnerships and expand our services at any given time.

We are waiting for you

GMT is already a family over 17 years, and we are here for you and your customers. Do not settle for less than the best. Join the success and most importantly, join the family.

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