Roundtable Events 2018

Roundtable Events 2018

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Roundtable Events 2018

Recently we held a series of events in three different regions; Haifa (21.10 at the Leonardo Hotel), Ashdod (29.10 at the Leonardo Plaza Hotel) & Tel Aviv (4.11 at the Crown Plaza Hotel).
This year we chose regional events in order to better map the different needs of our agents & clients from all over the country. Our goal was to create intimate, roundtable conversations to make sure each, and every, agent is heard.
These intimate events have given us the opportunity to effectively promote solutions & innovations.

Apart from the roundtable we also had 2 pro-lectures for our agents:
Banking and Financial Services in Israel- looking toward the future.
Michael Tayer in one of GMT’s founders and a board member.
In 2018 Michael retired from Jerusalem Bank after serving for six years a Deputy CEO.
In previous positions, Michael was CEO in three different companies; A-soft LTD, Elad Software Systems LTD & Tomer- Software & holdings ltd. Michael also served as VP & board member for Amdocs & Matrix.
Michael specializes in banking software, payment & debit card systems, he holds a bachelor’s degree in computer science and is a certified systems engineer.

In his lecture, Michael talked about what links; the money transfer business, currency exchange, globalization, the new legislative bill for reducing the use of cash- which will be valid in January 2019, and the worldwide trends regarding the use of cash.
As the financial world steams ahead, Michael also talked about the digital side of finance & banking, digital in government, in journalism, in literature & digital in retail.
And of course, the new & up-coming services at GMT regarding debit card where mentioned (more info to come).

Adv. Golan Shlomi, from Golan Shlomi & Co., who specializes in the currency service providers, and who has been with GMT for a decade, was the presenter of the 2nd lecture.
Adv. Shlomi talked about the new regulations, and specifically about the Ministry of Finance’s reviews – how to be prepared, and how to avoid unnecessary penalties.

These small forums gave us the chance to have focused discussions, to listen to all agents present, and hear all the opinions.
Thank you, dear agents, who represent us to our clients on a daily base, for being a part of the GMT family.

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