Compliance Conference 2018

Compliance Conference 2018

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Compliance Conference 2018

As a company that provides financial services, and work closely with international n companies, one of our most important mission is to meet the highest compliance clause, those of the Israel law and International law as well.


The main service we provide in GMT is money transfer abroad, which mean that we ask our clients to trust us with their money.

A big part of this trust is to ensure our customers that we operate under the most strict regulations and highest compliance standards.


When we talk about meeting those standards, we talk about making sure our agents are up to them as well. This is why we help an annual Compliance Conference with MONEYGRAM.

On February 2018, we gathered agents from all of Israel to give them information about compliance, updates them about changes in the law, and not lease important- to say HALLO.


The conference’s schedule included lectures about the new legislation, risk management, digital currency and more.


We had the honor of hosting lecturers who are experts in these fields;

Adv. Maya Lederman,


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