PrivatBank was founded in 1992 and is now the leading bank in Ukraine.

Over 50% of bank clients in all of Ukraine, consider PrivatBank as their primary bank.

In 2001 a growing need from clients to transfer money from & to Ukraine led to the development of PrivatMoney.

PrivatBank has over 2000 branches in Ukraine. The bank’s widespread allows GMT’s customers a fast and easy collection of their transfers.

In addition; GMT’S clients who are registered to PrivatMoney system can transfer foreign currency to a prepaid card in Ukraine without leaving their homes.

Gmt & PrivatMoney have recently lunch a new service allowing immediate cash deposits from Israel to PrivatBank card customers in Ukraine. This service enables money transfers to any PricatBank card easy & fast and affordable.
The cash deposit is immediate and cardholders are automatically credited Ukrainian Hryvnia currency.
This is the most advanced transfer service to Ukraine and allows money to be transferred to Ukraine without the need to arrive and collect money from points of payment.

Thanks to the unique partnership between GMT & PrivatBank we are happy to offer you the current & future services of PrivatBank, directly through the GMT platform. And offer our clients money transfers services to Ukraine in an easy, fast & safe manner.

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